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Bait Al Safah


Nestled in Al Hamra Wilayat, 30 min from Golden Tulip Nizwa Hotel, Bait Al Safah is a traditional Omani mud house dated 400 years ago and recently opened to the general public as a cultural museum. However, Bait Al Safah is not a desolate tedious museum, but it is the first of its kind to be inhabited by local men and women who perform openly the daily household routine of a traditional Omani house: manual spinning and weaving, creating perfumes, making of Omani bread and coffee which are freely shared with the daily visitors. The house is also beautifully decorated with old traditional household items, pottery, silver antiquities, wood and palm leaves handicrafts.

Useful Information

Opening hours: daily from 9 – 17
Entry fees: Adults and children above 11 years: 3 OMR , children 3-10 years: 1 OMR  
Contact: 99010373, Mr. Sulaiman Al Abri